16,000 Years Ago
The Legend of Rocushe Begun

Join Slade and his friends in a Quest to find Rocushe, and lead them into the ultimate battle to save the world!

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As The Legend Goes

Approximately 14,000 BCE, a great flood took place, and the waters covered the lands for two full moons. The flood killed every human and animal that did not escape to the highest mountain peaks, that stuck out of the waters like islands. As the waters receded, the story begins. With the receding waters, a bird ended his long exhausting flight and came to rest on a mountain peak. As the bird tried to enjoy a few minutes of overdue sleep, its stomach became to hurt like its bones were breaking. Bearing the pain the bird was able to rest, and when it awoke it had transformed into a man but not a normal man, a man with the face like a wolf and giant feet like a birds. The native tribes call this creature, Nümozaho. After getting use to its new body, Nümozaho, began to roam the land in search of food. Coming across humans that survived the flood on top of a mountain peak Nümozaho was so terrified he turned to his animal instincts and began killing and feasting. As Nümozaho feasted on his prey he saw a young woman hiding in trees, her skin was like silk, eyes that resembled the stars, and hair the color of night. Nümozaho, was so intrigued by this woman that he did not kill her, but instead he made her his partner. The native tribes call this woman, Uweé. Uweé, bore four children for Nümozaho, two normal looking girls and one boy. And the fourth child, who was a boy, was not normal he a spitting image of Nümozaho with skin as rough as a rock. Nümozaho was so angry with the appearance of the boy that he cursed him with the name Rocüshé and then Nümozaho went on to killing the mother Uweé. Nümozaho cast out Rocüshé and cursed him to wonder the lands until the end of times.

260 Generations Later

Slade the first born of this generation is on a Quest to find Rocushe and together they will enter into battle with Numozaho to save the world from the terror and carnage that Numozaho continues to inflicted on the human race.

August 21, 2022

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October 5, 2022

Uwee - The Original Mother
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October 15, 2022

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October 25, 2022

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Q 1 - 2023

Future Character Releases
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Q 2 - 2023

Quest TO Find Rocushe
  • 6 Limited Edition Game Pieces

  • 6 Week Clue Based Quest

  • 1 person wins $1,000,000*

Quest to find Rocushe

Join Slade and his friends on a seven week clue based adventure to find the legendary Rocushe. Be the first to find Rocushe's hideout and take home the top prize.


Seven Weeks Of Journey Clues To Find Rocushe


Six Friends Join Slade On The Quest To Find Rocushe


Five New Monsters Appear


Four Advance Your Character Opportunities


Three Super Characters Join The Quest


Two Opportunities To Get The Final Clue In Advance


1 Winner Takes Home $1,000,000*